Technology Designed For Your Ministry  

 Every ministry is born with a mission that fits into the great commission. Whatever your message is, whether holiness, love, purity, righteousness - you are a part of Jesus' disciples, bearing witness to His Lordship, to the very end of the earth. Feeding and nurturing the sheep one of the most important things ministers of the gospel must do.Churchsapp makes your work easier to become better at sharing your messages and engaging your members wherever they are.

Do You Really Need To Pay For An App?

 We've developed tools for your ministry in churchsapp to make it easy for you to get your messages out free and fast. So you can focus on spending more time with the Lord and other important commitments around you. With Churchsapp, you never have to worry about building your own church website as you get tools free with us. 

- Free Church Mobile App

- Free Beautiful Church Website 


Extend Your Reach, Publish and Collect Donations

Help users discover your contents new audio, video, and sermon when you connect your Youtube Channel to ChurchsappNurture your congregation through daily or weekly blog posts through your Churchsapp channel and receive donations, offerings, tithes from your givers on Churchsapp



Manage Ministry and Engagement With  Technology
Church Apps provides ministries with free apps and beautiful website designs  to boost engagement between ministries and the congregation  


Publish Church Events and Foster Church Conversations

Keep your members informed on important events and news. Churchsapp helps ministries communicate with congregation in-app features such as prayer-walls, chats and more.


Discover Ministries

With Churchsapp, you can discover other ministries, teachings and sermons, and see everything in one place