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ChurchsApp transforms the way you do discover and interact with the body of Christ. Whatever your calling is, whether that’s creating Spirit-filled contents or learning from ministry leaders and sharing with others. ChurchsApp is the best place to discover new events, sermons, and engage with Christian contents in ways you never thought possible.

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Keeping up with all the ministry contents from different places is a full-time job. ChurchsApp make it easy to discover new sermons, ministry events, blog posts, videos, people and to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ from thousands of ministries around the world.






Discover or Create Christian Events

Never miss out on Christian events. Whether in your neighborhood or another city, find other cool events where believers fellowship, learn and grow in Christ. ChurchsApp allows ministries to keep members informed on upcoming events. That means from other cities can find your event when they browse event by the city














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Follow ministries of your favorite preachers. When you follow a ministry, you never have to miss new sermons or updates posted by them. Following gives you the opportunity to curate and personalize your content so you can only consume contents from ministries of interest.